Tell the Story

Many times when you teach, people do not understand some words. Sometimes using words to explain other words does not work. They still will not understand the word. You must use stories or other illustrations to explain the word. Sometimes stories make words better understood. Example: Recently, we were talking about “proud” and “humble.” The deaf thought proud meant rich and humble meant poor. To better help them to understand, I used a true story that happened to me. A poor lady was standing in line in a local grocery store. She did not like standing in line, so she pushed me and my cart out of the way and went first. She was proud but poor. Another lady who obviously was rich was humble and let us go first.

Stories and illustrations will explain words when words, words, words will not explain anything. When using stories to explain words, remember:

1. Bible stories are an excellent way to explain Bible teachings. You can explain God’s attributes by using stories. For example, show God’s power, by telling the story of creation. Show God’s love by telling the story of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins.

2. Bible stories can explain other doctrines. For example, faith can be explained with the story of Jesus healing the nobleman’s son. The nobleman obeyed Jesus by faith and the son was healed. Use stories and illustrations to show the meaning of the doctrine.

3. Other types of stories can also help in explaining doctrines and hard words in the Bible. In the Philippines, the word “mercy” is often misunderstood as meaning to beg. (Beggars will say the word “mercy” when asking for money.) To explain mercy, I tell the story of a bad boy disobeying his mother and breaking a vase. Instead of punishing, she shows mercy and forgives him. Many other words can be explained by using simple stories to show an example of the word.

Use stories to explain hard words and ideas.

The Silent Word

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