The Blessing of Rest

Years ago, we visited a church. It was great… good preaching… interesting teaching… and many activities. One young couple was honored as “Couple of The Year.” They did everything. They never stopped. They never rested. They just kept going and going. I looked at my wife and said, “They will not succeed. If they never rest, they will fail.” Their busy schedule was: Sunday – Pick up teens on van; Teach teen Sunday School; Go to church with teens; Go with teens for games and snacks; Take teens to evening service; Work with teens; Take teens home; Drive home; Drop into bed exhausted! Monday – Husband go to his job; Wife go to her job; Both work eight hours; Drive home; Go to church for Bible Institute; Go home; Drop into bed exhausted! Tuesday – Same as Monday. Wednesday – Same duties… van route… church. Thursday – Same… then Church Visitation. Friday- Same… then stay up late for Youth Night. Saturday – Bus Visitation. Sunday – Start all over! (They also had a baby born.)

One or two years later, we visited the same church. I saw the “busy” man, but did not see his wife or child. I asked the pastor, “Where is his wife?” He said, “Oh, That woman has a demon! She took the kid, moved to another town, and is living with another man!” My heart sank! Later, I told my wife, “The woman had no demon! The pastor and the couple just did not follow God’s plan to also include the blessings of rest in their schedules!”

God blessed Adam and Eve and said, “Be fruitful and multiply.” He then gave them “a day off” with no work. They could work in their one garden, Eden, not in the whole world (Genesis 1:28; 2:2,3,8). God’s plan is best… He expects you to both work hard and take time to rest!

Application: God never planned for you to do everything there is to do in ministry.
Do your best and then take time to rest!

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