The Deaf Can Be Strong

Sometimes we mail things that can be easily broken. We wrap them for protection. We explain to the post office. They mark on the box “Fragile.” Sometimes as Christians we can also be “fragile” and easily broken. Read the life of Job. He was a good man who was faithful to God. He enjoyed life and was unaware that only a hedge separated him from much troubles (1:9-10). When God removed the hedge (protection), it allowed Satan to test Job. Satan tried to stop Job from being faithful to God. Bad things happened to Job. Soon he lost everything, including his children and health. His wife and friends complained and blamed Job for his problems. At this time Job was “fragile,” and he was almost broken.

Do you have “fragile” times in your life? Do others criticize you and blame you for troubles? Do others talk bad about you? Do bad things happen to you? When bad things happen, we need to be as Job. Job did not know why things happened. Job did not understand what was happening. But Job remained patient and stayed faithful to God. Job was “fragile,” but he did not break. He stayed strong for the Lord. He finally said, “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him” (Job 13:15). As Christians, we need to be as Job. When we are “fragile,” we need to learn to trust God. Be strong and stay faithful to the Lord no matter what happens! The Deaf can be strong even in testing and trouble times!

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