The Lord Has Led Me All The Way

I thank God that the Lord has led me to preach to the Deaf from 1975 to now. He led me to Bible School at Tennessee Temple Schools from 1971 to 1975. He led me to pastor in full-time service from 1975 to 1998 (20 years) in five different churches: Texas (4 years) – Colorado (2 years) – Alabama (one year), Ohio (1 year) – Pennsylvania (12 years). Before Pennsylvania, He then led me to be a Missionary at the Bill Rice Ranch (3 years). After that, I prayed to God what He wanted me to do. He led me to Silent Word Ministries, where I have served 21 years. I praise Him that His will is perfect for my life as I continue to serve Him traveling to other countries and in USA for my preaching. These many years the Lord has led me all the way. I thank God that I have seen deaf people saved in all these ministries. My heart is still heavily burdened for lost Deaf souls. I never lost my burden. These past 13 years it has been lonely since my wife Debbie went to Heaven. My desire is still to preach and reach lost deaf souls. My health is well, my body is strong, my heart is full, and my hands still sign. I can still preach. I love to preach to the Deaf World for the Lord. My goal is serve until I die and retire in Heaven.

Contact: Allen

The Silent Word

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