Thinking How They Think

If they do not understand the way you teach, then
teach the way they understand. – Unknown

One of the most important things you can do, is to understand how your class thinks. If you do not know how they think, they will not understand you and you may have problems of misunderstanding.

As missionaries and teachers we must learn how people think differently, so we can help them to understand God’s Word. One problem area we had here was that people would show up late to work after vacations or family visits. When asked, they would say, “I will be back Monday,” but they never show up Monday. After a while, we found out we were asking and they were answering two different questions. We were asking, “When will you be at work?” They were answering, “I will be back in the city on Monday.” When we discovered this difference in thinking, we understood each other much better.

If we can understand how others think,
we can teach them to understand God’s Word.

Learn the differences in thinking in:

1. Language. We must make ourselves clear in what we say. If we are not clear, the Gospel will not be clear, either.

2. Everyday living. We must learn how other people think about politeness, responsibility, priorities, and even types of food.

3. Knowledge. What do they know about history, recent events, and work skills.

“Learn to Think Deaf”
Remember: The Deaf listen with their eyes, and
talk with their hands. If they are not looking,
they are not listening! – TC

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