Un-Named Women in the Bible

My husband, Jim, has been teaching a series on the un-named people in the Bible. It has been very interesting. I thought I would share my thoughts on the un-named women in the Bible. I believe God included these stories in His Word for us to put our own name into them. What if I were the person living through this difficult situation? What would I have done? It is amazing how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

The unknown woman I would like you to think about is the Greek woman in Mark 7:24-30, and Matthew 15:21-28. She was a mother who went to Jesus because her daughter had an unclean demon spirit. She was a Greek, not a Jew. The Holy Spirit was working in her to get help for her daughter. She heard the stories about Jesus, the Son of David. She came to Jesus because He was her only hope to see her daughter healed. Her heart was grieved for her daughter, and she couldn’t do anything to help her. At first, Jesus said nothing to help as the door had not yet been opened to the Gentiles. She pleaded with Him again. She would not remain silent. She then fell to worship at the feet of Jesus. Finally, after Jesus tested her faith, He sent her away telling her that, because of her faith, her daughter would be healed that very hour. Jesus recognized her great faith!

I hope that I will demonstrate that same faith when I am tested. This mother had a burden for her daughter. Every day she tried to find help for her. How often do I pray for our children about their needs? Do I pray one time, and then quickly forget about it? Or do I ignore it, thinking that they will get over their problems? No, I need to daily pray and humble myself before the Lord! He can do what I cannot do. I need to go to Him in prayer about everything. Only Jesus can help our families in things that seem impossible. You also can call on Him! Ask Him for help. How great is your faith? Will you continue to ask Him for help? Don’t stop! My heart was touched by this woman and her great faith. I’m praying my faith will grow more in 2018.

This unknown, un-named woman was known of the Lord who also knows you and your needs.