Unnamed Men in the Bible

What would you think of a man who left his home to live in a cemetery? Now imagine the man with a wild hair-do and pieces of chains hanging from his wrists and feet. Oh, by the way, he is filthy, dirty, and insane. No one knows him because he has been homeless for many years. They called him the wild maniac in the cemetery. He was a man that everyone avoided and left alone.

However, Jesus and His disciples landed on the shore near the graveyard where he lived. Even though you, nor I, nor anyone else would go near this maniac, Jesus walked over to meet him. Jesus had left Heaven to meet people just like this man. This man had no hope. This man was ignored by everyone that had known him, as well as people who did not know him. He would be the person that would make others run away in fear.

Jesus took time to meet this man. Jesus knew the problems this man had were because demons had begun to live inside him. Jesus came to free people from the influence of the Devil in their lives. He cast the demons out of the man and into a herd of pigs (which then ran over a cliff and into the ocean). The men who owned the pigs told others in town what had happened with their pigs. When they came to ask Jesus to leave the area, they met the man who had been crazy. They noticed that he was clothed and in his right mind! They were afraid because the change in him was amazing! As Jesus entered a ship to leave, the man asked Jesus if he could join Him as a follower. Jesus told the man to stay in the place where he was changed. Jesus wanted him to show all those who had known him as the maniac in the graveyard that his life was now changed. Jesus is in the life-changing business. He changed the life of the maniac. It was one of the greatest miracles in the Bible when the maniac sat clothed and in his right mind. Everyone could point and say, “Are you sure that man was the maniac? Wow! He is changed and different.” The greatest testimony to this world is a changed, consistent Christian (2 Corinthians 5:17). Religions can change the outside of a person, but only Christ can change the inside with His presence and peace. Do you have unrest as the unnamed man? If you need a changed life as the unnamed man in the graveyard, come to Christ. He is still in the life-changing business. How do I know? He changed me, and He can also change you.

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