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“What is Your Sweet Spot?” - Silent Word Newspaper
“What is Your Sweet Spot?”

“What is Your Sweet Spot?”

From My Home to Yours

Recently I was asked, “What is your sweet spot?” Also I noticed some signs that say, “Your ‘happy place.’” What does that mean? All of us have a sweet spot or a happy place. Every woman has one or two things that she enjoys doing that gives her extra joy, peace, and happiness. Some enjoy cooking while others enjoy shopping. Some enjoy running while others enjoy cleaning. Some enjoy mind games while others enjoy computers. Some enjoy indoors while others enjoy outdoors. What do you enjoy?

I remember one of our granddaughter’s first day at school. Maya is very shy and she had a hard time in kindergarten with so many new people. If she became afraid or sad, the teacher would take her to the library. Maya would sit and read and smile. Why? Because she was in her sweet spot. All of us have that special sweet spot where we are comfortable and cozy. When we are there, we relax and smile. What makes me smile may make you frown. Your sweet spot might make my head swim! Everyone is made special by God. That is His fingerprint on our lives. It is amazing how each one of us is made to do something special for Him. That is His gift to you. When you use it, that is your gift to Him. That is what makes the body of Christ. All of us fit together to do His work. It will be a real joy for you to serve the Lord when you do what He has gifted you to do. “But now hath God set the members every one of them in the body, as it hath pleased him” (I Cor. 12:18). Find your sweet spot and do it. Let the love of Jesus shine out of you as you enjoy doing what makes your heart sing! You were made to give God the glory. Do it with all your heart, soul, and smile! As Ted Camp says, “Ministry was made to enjoy, not endure.”

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