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What’s Up? Sympathies to SWM friend, Sharon Bordean, Liberty Baptist Church of the Deaf, Columbus, Ohio, on the passing of her mother, Doris Jayne Regas (87) of Uniontown, Ohio. Following a period of declining health, she passed away on February 19, 2019. Her children describe her as Godly, encouraging, positive, compassionate, grateful, loving, family-oriented, selfless, a prayer warrior and a friend to all. Above all, the legacy Doris left was her commitment to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She will be missed by many.

What’s Up? Sympathies to the family of Helen Maxine Radebaugh (94) of Marion, Ohio, who passed away on February 26, 2019. She was the mother of six sons, one of those being Chris who, along with his wife, Lucinda, are missionaries to the deaf in Johannesburg, South Africa, and dear friends of Silent Word Ministries. Helen was a lifelong homemaker and served in many capacities at her church, Calvary Bible Baptist. She will be missed by her children, 22 grandchildren and 42 great-grandchildren.

What’s Up? “Family is important,” a statement made by Ted Camp after meeting a family member, Howard Couch, whom he hadn’t seen in over 40 years. In early years Ted gave him a Gospel witness, and through a series of major events, Howard remembered and accepted Christ as his Savior. He and his wife, Carolyn, recently visited with Ted in his local church.

What’s Up? SWM will conduct its annual Trenton community Sign Language class, April 15-19. The class helps raise deaf awareness and gives local professionals and businesses, friends, and family the opportunity to learn enough Sign Language to better communicate with and meet the needs of local deaf people. The class is professionally taught on the beginner level. Contact the office by clicking here.  Phone: 706-657-8000.

What’s Up? Update! Deaf Missionary Ronnie Rice is slowly improving in his health. His hope is to soon be able to get back on the road traveling and preaching. Continued prayers are needed.

What’s Up? Happy 60th birthday, March 4, to Dr. Fred Adams, founder of Sword Deaf Ministries, Clinton, Tennessee. His three sons treated him to a special lunch.

What’s Up? Sympathies to the family of deaf friend, Barbara Ellen Johnson (57), Dyer, Indiana, who passed away on January 18, 2019, after a long battle with cancer. Barbara attended the South Dakota School for the Deaf in Sioux Falls. After graduating from high school, she attended Temple Deaf Bible College in Peoria, Illinois. Upon graduation from college, she moved to Rochester, NY. Between those two locations, she made many long-lasting friends who would later become a great support as she faced her battle with cancer. She had a sweet and loving spirit and was greatly enjoyed by those she met and those caring for her. She enjoyed attending the Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat and was a great encouragement to many. She is missed!

What’s Up? Pastor James Liebrecht has been called as the new pastor to the deaf at Capitol City Baptist Church, Holt, Michigan. He is deaf himself. He and his wife, Jenny, are graduates of Hyles Anderson University. They have four children. Former deaf pastor, Al Cooper, served for 45 years. He feels it is time for a younger man to carry the work forward. He and his wife, Dolly, will remain involved in the ministry.

What’s Up? Meet some new missionaries to the deaf, Nathan & Deanna Hill (both deaf) and their four children, Harvest Deaf Ministries. They are available for deputation meetings, revivals, retreats, youth rallies, and special deaf events.

What’s Up? Harvest Deaf Ministries, Dr. Reggie Rempel, Ringgold, Georgia, will conduct its 18th annual missions conference, April 10 – 14. There will be speakers from Australia, The Dominican Republic, and India. They extend a warm welcome to attend these services.

What’s Up? SWM staff and friends surprised Ted & Carlene Camp with a party to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. They were married on December 28, 1958. The party took place after SWM’s annual board meeting on February 10, 2019. Many attended!

What’s Up? Master’s Hands Bible Church for the Deaf (Baptist) in Denver, CO, is seeking pulpit supply and references for qualified applicants for the pastorate. Pastor Otto Albrecht (wife Lori) contracted Parkinson’s Disease after 32 years of ministry.

What’s Up? The 25th anniversary celebration and graduation of Harvest Deaf Bible College, Dr. Reggie Rempel, will be May 3 – 5, 2019. This is a great time for alumni to visit and enjoy the fellowship with former teachers and students. Special guest speakers includes Dr. Don Sisk, Pastor Mike Frazier, and Robert Gunter. Visit www.harvestdeaf.org 

What’s Up? Crystal White, announces the 8th annual Deaf Women’s Conference, April 26 & 27, at Willo-Hill Baptist Church, 4200 State Route 306, Willoughby, Ohio. Special guest speaker will be SWM’s Carlene Camp. Contact Crystal for details: Church phone: 440-951-2020

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