What’s Up?

What’s Up? Harvest Deaf Ministries, Ringgold, Georgia, presents Christmas ASL Drama, “Boxcars, Baggage & Bethlehem,” Nov. 28 – Dec. 2, 7:00 nightly. It will be interpreted for the hearing with full costuming, set, choirs, and music. They invite you to come and enjoy a night celebrating Christmas. Www.harvestdeaf.org.

What’s Up? SWM’s David & Vicki Bennett are excited to be grandparents again. Joshua Evans Rishel was born October 27, 2018, weighing 8 lbs 10 oz. His parents are Jason & Charity (Bennett) Rishel. His big brother, Levi, is in awe of him.

What’s Up? Sympathies to the family of Dr. Harold Willmington (86), founder of Willmington School of the Bible and Liberty Home Bible Institute at Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA, who passed away October 15, 2018. He began his teaching ministry at Liberty in 1972. He was a friend to Silent Word Ministries, and helped several missionaries and MKs to complete a General Bible Degree. Many deaf remember his wife of 57 years, Sue, who was known as the “lady in the circle.” She interpreted for the late Dr. Jerry Falwell’s Old Time Gospel Hour. Dr. Willmington was a Bible teacher, author, loving husband, father, grandfather, friend, and servant of the Lord. He is greatly missed.

What’s Up? Go to the Holy Land with Jon & Diane Barr – A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with excellent interpreters! SWM is hosting “Deaf Tour of Israel” April 1–13, 2019. The tour is limited to 30 people. A $200 deposit is needed immediately. Contact: Jon Barr by clicking here.

What’s Up? Deaf children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, have a wonderful opportunity for learning at VICKtory School for the Deaf, under the leadership of Missionary Gomeju Tafesse, Baptist International Outreach, Jefferson City, TN. She reports that they have 10 new students this year who are so special because they are just now learning that they have new friends. They will now be able to learn their language and be able to communicate with them. Because of the growth in the number of students, they are having to adjust the sizing of the rooms on their limited space of two floors. They hope that in the near future they will be able to finish one more floor. SWM is thankful for the many who have a heart for reaching the Deaf all over the world. www.joyceskids.org

What’s Up? Missionaries to the Deaf, Bob & Brenda Himes, Philippines, Bill Rice Ranch Missions, recently helped celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the Deaf ministry, which Bob began, at LaLoma Baptist Church, Quezon City, Manila. There were 60 deaf plus 4 church hearing workers in attendance. After Bob preached about Jesus coming again, seven accepted Christ as Savior. The Himes’ have been serving the Deaf in the Philippines since 1980. Because of their dedication and love for Deaf people, thousands have heard the Gospel, hundreds of hearing people have been trained in Sign Language, and many churches have established deaf ministries. Thank you Bob and Brenda for your many years of faithful service. May God grant you many more.

What’s Up? Missionaries to the Deaf, Yucatan, Mexico, Bill & Jennifer Green, Baptist International Outreach, and six others were happy to be a part of a Deaf Family Camp in Chiapas, Mexico. They report, “The best part of the camp was that there were four that accepted Christ as Savior.”

What’s Up? Harvest Deaf Ministries, Ringgold, Georgia, Dr. Reggie Rempel, will have their annual Deaf Men’s Retreat, January 24 – 26, 2019. It is a time of fellowship, teaching, and encouragement. Relax in the comfortable lodging located in the beautiful Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN area. Meet new friends and enjoy the workshops with special speakers. Plan to come and bring your deaf men.Contact: harvestdeaf.org.

What’s Up? Happy 73rd birthday, November 6, to Deaf Pastor Earl Brigham, West Orlando Baptist Church, Orlando, FL. Earl has been a barber in the Orlando area over 50 years. His best friend, Ronnie Rice is getting a haircut. Ronnie continues to have serious health problems. The doctors have ordered him to stay at home until he greatly improves. Naturally, he is disappointed because he is not able at this time to travel and preach, which is his passion. Pray for him.

What’s Up? 12th Annual Deaf Women’s Bible Conference, January 25 & 26, 2019, Cornerstone Baptist Church, 818 N Parsons Ave, Brandon, FL. Speaker, Susan Hall, Jacksonville Deaf Bible Church, Illinois. Hosted by local churches, Jona Feliciano, Wanda McCann, Sarah Harris.

What’s Up? Sharon Bordean, Liberty Baptist Church of the Deaf, Columbus, Ohio, with newlyweds, Alexis Williams and Naje Farow, October 15, 2018. Congratulations Alexis and Naje!

What’s Up? Ray Short a deaf volunteer at Silent Word and caregiver for the ministry’s mascot cat, Silent. With this mask, he is beginning to look like Silent.  🙂  Ray is faithful and willing to serve in any way he can. His favorite duty is taking care of Silent.

What’s Up? At a recent Fantastic Saturday at Cornerstone Baptist Church, Dayton, Ohio, Jon & Diane Barr were pleased to meet up again with John & Henra Clark. They enjoyed a good time of fellowship. John said to tell everyone, “I’m not sick, I’m just old.”

What’s Up? Sympathy to the family of Willie Mae Miller who passed away October 30. She was a faithful and a long-time member of Trinity Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL. She was Deaf and a great soul-winner, as well as an encourager to the Deaf community. She will be greatly missed.

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