What’s Up?

What’s Up? A long-time deaf friend of SWM, James Cunningham (69), of Trenton, Georgia, passed away on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, from complications of diabetes, pneumonia, and heart surgery. He often volunteered at SWM and was a ready and willing worker. Over the years he attended West Virginia School for the Deaf and Tennessee Temple Schools. He served the Lord as a layman in several local churches, worked in the bus ministry, sang in the Heart & Hands Deaf Choir, and much more. He loved fellowship and was involved in church activities, SWM events, community events, and wherever something exciting was happening. He was preceded in death by his wife, Danna, and is survived by his son, Matthew, daughter, Amy, and two grandchildren. He is greatly missed by many.

What’s Up? Sympathies to the family of deaf friend, Bramwell Lee Hightman (75) of Bethesda, Maryland, who passed away on April 15, 2019, from diabetes complications. He graduated from the Maryland School for the Deaf in 1962 and from Tennessee Temple University with a Bible degree in 1984. He served as associate pastor for the deaf at Wheaton Baptist Church, teaching Sunday School, sharing the Good News of the Gospel, and serving wherever he could. He worked for NIST as a custodian for 10 years, retiring in 2007. He was a friend of Silent Word Ministries and enjoyed The Silent Word Newspaper for the Deaf. He is survived by his wife, Stephanie A Hightman, who is also a friend of SWM. He will be missed.

What’s Up? The Harper Family, Buster, Carol, Kacie, & Kamie, from Florida, recently stopped by to visit Silent Word Ministries. Kacie is planning to attend Harvest Deaf Bible College in the fall.

What’s Up? Congratulations to Matt & Colleen Dundon, Hampshire View Baptist Deaf Church, Silver Spring, Maryland, on the birth of their son, Aiden Jude, on April 2, 2019, weighing 6lb, 12oz.

What’s Up? Congratulations to James & Thelma Scott, Cleveland, Tennessee. They recently celebrated their 50th (April 18, 1969) wedding anniversary with a renewal of vows. They have a heart for reaching deaf people for Christ. They have been involved in ministry for many years.

What’s Up? PA summer camp for the Deaf will be held at Camp Tohiglo, Mercersburg, PA , August 10 – 15, 2019. SWM’s Allen Snare will be the featured deaf preacher. For information contact the camp director, Pastor David Foote, www.camptohiglo.org.

What’s Up? Missionary/Pastor Bruce Kelly, Deaf Baptist Church, Smyrna, GA, reports a wonderful mission trip to Brazil and Peru. He preached at a deaf camp in Brazil. During camp, bad storms hit and a tree fell on the chapel. But, still three deaf accepted Christ as Savior. Afterward, he flew to Peru and had the opportunity to preach three times.

What’s Up? Deaf pastor, Otto Albrect, Master’s Hands Deaf Church in Denver, Colorado, has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He is stepping down as pastor. Pray for him, his family and the church. The church needs a new pastor.

What’s Up? “It’s a girl!” Tyler & Rebekah Thornton and brother, Korad, Bill Rice Ranch, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, welcome Mariella Joy, a beautiful baby girl. She was born April 21, weighing 8lb, 7oz. Congrats!

What’s Up? Missionary to the Deaf, Keith Ford, BIMI, is experiencing many serious health issues at this time. He requests your prayers. He continues to preach at a Rescue Mission and teach. With help from a friend, he keeps the Print Shop going, getting the Gospel out by the printed page. He would appreciate cards of encouragement. PO Box 5532, Ft Oglethorpe, GA 30742.

What’s Up? Deaf Evangelist/Missionary Ronnie Rice is slowly showing signs of improvement in his health. His hope is to soon return to traveling and preaching. Continued prayers are needed.

What’s Up? Ursala Rasmussen (SWM Board) her brother, Gene Grapa, and a doctor, Ezana Azene, traveled to Belize for mission trip earlier this year. Gene taught soul winning, Dr. Azene taught CPR and Bible, and Ursala taught sign language. They visited many churches and schools. Ursala used SWM’s ASL Video Vocabulary Handbook to teach. She also gave a DVD, “Good News for Deaf People,” to each deaf family and school they visited. Ten people accepted Christ and lives were changed. (Jon & Diane Barr will also serve in Belize in late May).

What’s Up? On June 9, 2019, Pastor Stanislav and his wife, Tanya, and the Lighthouse Deaf Baptist Church, Sevastopol, Ukraine, will celebrate their 20th anniversary. Missionary to the Deaf Bob Van Sant, went with Pastor Stanislav to establish this ministry to the deaf. The church continues to grow, and they give God the glory. The Simferopol Deaf Baptist Church, Ukraine, which was also established under the leadership of Missionary Van Sant, continues to grow and meet for services. It is amazing that deaf people world-wide are hearing the Gospel of Christ!

What’s Up? Anna Brooks, a senior at Pensacola Christian College, Florida, is serving a one-month internship program at SWM. She has a passion for sharing the Gospel with her gift for art work. Her help is greatly appreciated!

What’s Up? Lydia Holmquist (Harvest Deaf Bible College) received the annual 2019 SWM Character and Leadership award (and gift). This was the 20th year to give this special award.

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