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Why?... Maybe Because... - Silent Word Newspaper
Why?… Maybe Because…

Why?… Maybe Because…

In 2016, Jon and I went to Israel. What a blessing it was to walk where Jesus walked, see the places where He taught, view where different Bible events occurred, take a boat trip across the Sea of Galilee, see the empty tomb, and so much more! However, our trip home brought a different kind of “blessing” as weather caused delays, and we missed our connecting flight in Istanbul, Turkey. The “Why?” question was heard many times as we stood about 12 hours in lines for new tickets, visas, passport check, and the shuttle to the hotel. It was in the second shuttle that we discovered the possible reason for all these delays. There was a Deaf man… from Bahrain (an Arabic country). Time was very limited, but Jon was able to give him a card for the “” website. Maybe all the waiting in lines was so that Deaf man could go to a website where he could see the Gospel presented in both gestures and sign language!

Scripture gives us many examples of things that happened and people could say “Why?” Sometimes the answers are given, and sometimes they are not. Why would Jesus go through Samaria to Galilee (John 4)? Of course, He knew the Samaritan woman would come there to the well, and she would be saved when He explained to her the “true gift of God… living water (everlasting life).” But maybe the reason also was because a testimony from her was the only one that would draw men of the city to Christ. Why did Philip leave a major preaching meeting where men and women were being saved and baptized, to go into the desert to explain salvation to one Ethiopian man (Acts 8)? Obviously, that one man needed to be saved. But maybe the reason was also because many in Ethiopia would become Christians through that one man’s testimony. Why did Jesus linger when He heard the news that His friend Lazarus was sick (John 11)? Jesus knew that Lazarus would die and Jesus would raise him from the dead, but that was not the only purpose. The purpose was for the glory of God and that His disciples might believe.

When we see hurricanes, fires, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, wars, bomb testing, car accidents, sickness, death and suffering, our natural tendency is to question, “Why?” God knows the reasons. Whether we understand or not, our spiritual response must be faith. Trust the One who knows the “because.”