Yard Sale Lessons

One of our first experiences with yard sales was when Jon and I were on deputation in 1984. We were traveling from Florida to West Virginia to start a Deaf ministry. We stopped along the way to visit my family. They were having a yard sale, and my mom suggested that I sell some little stuffed animals and old hats I had in their attic. We jumped at that. What they did not know was that we did not have enough money to get the rest of the way to the meeting. The yard sale began, and I collected the money. About half way through the day, I excitedly told Jon we had collected about $7. That was enough for the fuel to the meeting (fuel was much cheaper, and our VW Rabbit got 47 mpg)! But he was disappointed and told me then that he had been praying for $10. I said, “Well, the day is not over yet. Let’s just wait and see.” As you may have guessed, when the day ended and all the sales were counted, our part came up to exactly $10! That would get us to the meeting. More importantly, that increased our faith in the Lord providing every need we would have on deputation and throughout our lives. He has done exactly that, and He will do the same for you. “Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it” (1 Thessalonians 5:24).

Now, the ladies of our Deaf ministry have a yard sale every year to help raise funds for going to the Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat in October. This year it is in Phoenix, Arizona. (See ad on this page) Friends donate things for us to sell. Some things seem worthless, and almost everything sells for $1 or less. This year’s surprise items were 4 cans which we nearly threw in the trash. It seemed we should not even waste table space to put them out. But someone said, “Those are old and may be antiques. Look them up on the Internet.” Sure enough, we found listings with surprising prices. What we had thought was worthless ended up selling for $65, making us happy and the buyers even happier! Like those cans, there are many people around us whom we may be ready to give up on. But we cannot! Their lives are of great worth to the One who created them. Let’s get involved in salvaging lives so they can bring glory and pleasure to God (Revelation 4:11).

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