In a session with missionaries, I held up a $2 bill, and asked, “Who wants this
Years ago, most people in our country were familiar with the Bible. Today
What's Up? Sympathies to SWM’s Home Office Missionary, Tabitha Beam, whose
God wants you to be blessed. Does He tell how to be blessed? Yes! Psalm
here is a danger facing us in Deaf ministry as well as in our local churches. The danger is that
Improve your sign language skills by considering the people who use sign language.
From a dear friend, Kim Rempel, I received an unusual gift. It was a special
Imagine going on a special Valentine's date with your husband, looking up into his eyes, and
Recently, I have had some ladies (of all ages – Hearing and Deaf) ask me some
I love to read Hebrews chapter eleven. I love to read about
I thank God that He is good to me. He blessed me in 2018
Sometimes when teaching the deaf, the hearing workers meet me afterward

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