Go into all the world: 1. Preach the Gospel 2. Teach them
From an early age, it has been my habit to try to make things work better. When I began
What's Up? Harvest Deaf Ministries, Ringgold, Georgia, presents Christmas ASL
Someone asked, What do you mean by “The Blessed Way”?
What is God looking for in a person that He can use? Many
Deaf people “hear” with their eyes. Being able to see the signer and the speaker or
easons to worry abound. The price of gas is unstable and the price of food
On Halloween night, many trick-or-treaters probably came to your house. Some
“Oh, magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together”
SWM conducted several fall Fantastic Saturdays
Years ago, I sat in on a deaf class in the Philippines. While

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