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God Does Answer Prayer”

I believe God answers my prayers. Matthew 6:6 says, “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and the Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.” After I graduated from Tennessee Temple Schools in 1975, I served as Deaf Pastor to Baptist Churches in Texas (4 years), Colorado (1 year), Alabama (1 Year), and Ohio (1 Year). Then served with Bill Rice Ranch Missions as a missionary for (3 years). I felt the Lord wanted me be Deaf Pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Fairless Hills, PA (1986 to 1998). The church cut budget so I asked God for other Baptist church, but God tounched my heart to join Silent Word Ministries with Ted and Carlene Camp. I drove to a church in Phoenixville, PA, for a Fantastic Saturday and talked with the Camps about joining SWM. Ted quickly said, “No,” because he did not have a mission board. The SWM ministry was only for him and his wife. He said he was not interested in starting a mission board. I was confused because God touched my heart to join SWM, but Ted refused to open the door for a mission board. I was disappointed and said, “Okay,” but then I asked Ted to pray about a Deaf Mission Board. After one week of prayer, I still felt I should join with Ted and Carlene Camp at SWM. I was not interested in another board. One day I decided to call Ted again on TTY and told him that God wanted me to join his ministry. I told him again that I felt it was God’s will for me to join with them. Finally God opened Ted’s heart to establish the SWM Mission Board. That was in 1998. The SWMission board now has 14 missionaries and I was the first one. God does answer prayer! God answers the prayers of deaf people, and God can also answer your prayers.

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Be Patient

We just recently finished our deaf camp here in the Philippines. Two years ago, we met an orphan deaf boy named Jay-Jay. When we first met him, he was wild. He ran around getting into everything. He would go to my desk at camp, and just go through everything. He did not sign well at all. He knew a few signs, but not enough to talk with him. He would just shout and point and grab things.

One of our deaf young men, Michael, was hired at the orphanage to work with Jay-Jay. He slowly taught him signs and how to behave. It was very slow, very frustrating, and required much patience. Michael stuck with it. Eventually Michael got two more deaf orphans to teach. This year Jay-Jay came to camp again. He was not wild anymore. He came to my desk at camp and stood quietly. He talked with me and we could have a conversation. He no longer was misbehaving. On Thursday, I stepped away from my desk to take care of something. Salvation pictures were left on the desk. Jay-Jay looked at them without touching them or bothering them. My wife Brenda came out looking for me. Jay-Jay had been looking at the salvation pictures. Jay-Jay wants to be saved!

I went back in to my desk and talked with him and the other two orphans. Jay-Jay understood and was wonderfully saved! He was at church yesterday and still understands. Sometimes it takes time to teach some of the deaf. Be patient. Do not be in a hurry. Take it slow and easy until they themselves understand and are saved!

Deaf workers, teachers, missionaries, and friends. Seek to be patient and in due season you will reap if you faint not – Galatians 6:9. So don’t quit! – Ted Camp, SWM

What Exactly is Discipleship, 2

Discipleship requires a mentor, a mature Christian able and apt to train others also to become mature Christian mentors. Discipleship requires one or more disciples. It is best to have two or more Christians in any discipleship group. Jesus Christ is our best example of a mentor, obviously, and He invested 3 years of His life to train 12 disciples to become mentors. Barnabas, on the other hand, did one-on-one discipleship that produced much results in the lives of Saul of Tarsus and John Mark. The apostle Paul spent much time mentoring groups of men who traveled with him, learning from him while being involved in his ministry. None of these men had one-hour classes of fill-in-the-blank lessons for twelve weeks, and called it discipleship. At best, this is basic follow-up of new converts, not Biblical discipleship.

Evangelism has the eternal salvation of a lost soul as its goal. Follow-up has baptism and church membership as its goal. Discipleship, however, has the reproduction of other disciples as its goal. The twelve disciples learned a lot from Jesus Christ, their Mentor, while listening, asking questions, walking, sitting in a boat, sitting around a campfire or a table, kneeling in a garden, observing His example, as well as when lying around under the stars before going to sleep. Disciples are trained best by following in the shadow of their mentors throughout many of life situations over a long period of time. Mentoring men requires investment, yea, it requires great sacrifice of time and energies. May Jesus Christ be lifted high… and His Name spread abroad!

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Highlight Deaf Missionaries – Joyce Vick

The Story of “Joyce’s (Deaf) Kids” in Ethiopiaswnp-125-5-1

In 1966, Richard and *Joyce Vick and their four children left Nashville, TN, to go as missionaries to Ethiopia, Africa. (Three years earlier, Joyce had learned sign language at the Bill Rice Ranch in Murfreesboro, TN). Shortly after arriving, Joyce met her first Ethiopian deaf person. The next Sunday, he and three of his deaf friends came to church. Ethiopia took on a new meaning for Joyce. None of the four deaf people knew how to read or write, but they did know a few signs. As she learned more of their loneliness and frustration, she determined to give them joy, and mostly to lead them to the Savior who knew and understood them. A few months later, the Vicks moved to attend language school where Joyce met another deaf boy, a 10 year old who did not know any language. As Joyce taught him, he quickly picked up the signs. The Lord then opened doors for the Vicks to meet with a high government official. After hearing of their burden, he told them that there were only two schools for the deaf in his country, and they were teaching about 100 students. Yet there were 35,000 deaf in Ethiopia at that time. He then offered to lease them “free” land for their church and deaf school. It took some time, but the Emperor himself gave the land to build a church and a school. Richard preached the Gospel to the church, and Joyce taught deaf people. The Deaf school opened in January 1967. They started with 8 students who had no knowledge of Sign Language or the Bible. Only 6 weeks later, a young deaf lady named Gomeju enrolled. She soon began helping with teaching. It was three years before a student was finally saved. Gomeju finally saw her need of a Savior. After her salvation, many other students were also saved.

In 1975 the Vicks fled Ethiopia because of the Communist revolution. In 1985, they founded Baptist International Outreach (BIO), a mission board that uses Deaf education as a means to also teach the Gospel into countries otherwise closed. Today BIO missionaries are ministering to Deaf people in at least 13 different countries.

In 2001, in honor of the late Dr. Joyce Vick, the VICKtory School for the Deaf was established in Ethiopia. Gomeju Tafesse, the first Deaf student saved is the founder and administrator. People can help sponsor a deaf child in the school through “Joyce’s Kids.” Support also helps with uniforms and supplies. The school also needs funds for a newer van to pick up the students. Dr Richard Vick is the founder and President Emeritus of BIO. For more info: Please pray for this ministry. (Order Joyce Vick’s books by visiting SWM’ catalog site.

The Deaf Can Stay Close to Jesus

The deaf cannot hear, but they can look to Jesus and stay close to Him. Do not focus on the world and your problems, but focus on the Lord. The Bible says, “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2). It is sad, but those who are not Christians cannot look to Jesus. They cannot have His joy in their hearts. Those without Jesus have no hope in the future. “That ye sorrow not, even as others (not saved) which have no hope” (I Thess. 4:13). But to all who are “in Christ,” we can look unto Jesus who is the beginning and end of our faith. We do have hope because we have Christ. My desire is to keep looking unto Jesus and staying close to Him. When I was a student at Tennessee Temple College, I was a young man. I had to learn to focus on the right things so I could stay close to the Lord. I focused on studying, praying, and doing right. Now many years later I still have a desire to stay close to the Lord. I still focus on reading my Bible, preaching, praying and serving the Lord. Also in times of need, I have learned to focus on Him and not problems. Keep your eyes on Jesus – Everyday!

Please keep your eyes on Jesus – Everyday! Don’t let problems or the world pull you from staying close to Jesus. The Deaf can stay close to the Lord. How do I know? Because He still continues to be close to me these many years. We can stay close to Jesus!

Sign The Way They Understand

Missionary Bob Himes (BRR Missions) stated, “If they do not understand the way you sign, then sign the way they understand.” I have noticed that even Deaf people can sign in ways that other Deaf do not understand. When you chat in signs, there may only be one person watching. Even a small group may accept your unclear signs. But, teaching and interpreting is different from conversational signing. Signing to a larger group or discussing a more important topic requires very clear signing, advance planning, slower signing, and logical presentation of ideas. Consider these reasons for misunderstanding…

1. Incorrect Signs – Make sure you sign correctly, period.

2. Signing Too Fast ­– Slow down for larger groups, when there is more distance between you and the viewer, and when the lighting is not good.

3. Wrong Timing – Always present ideas in a logical time sequence. What happens first, second, third? Do not jump forward and backward in time.

4. Signing Words – ASL does not follow English word order. Sign using correct ASL grammar and principles. Some ideas do not need a sentence or word. Show what is meant. Use VISUAL common sense.

5. Lack of Knowledge – A pastor may say, “You remember the story of Jonah,” but many may not remember or know the story. Do not assume that others know the things you know. Watch and learn how Deaf ASL signers present their ideas.

6. Sign Language Errors – It is best to give the topic, then comment; Use your eyes correctly while signing; Let your face show what you mean; Remember where you place people and objects, then refer to them there. Learn how Deaf people sign, and sign that way.

Things I Want To Learn From The Deaf

(Please keep an open mind and remember that these are my personal opinions about the Deaf in general, not all Deaf.)

I want to learn how to find Deaf in my area. People often ask me how to find Deaf people in their area. It would be nice if it were easy, but it is not always easy. The key to finding where the Deaf are in a certain area is to find one Deaf person who trusts you. If I can find a Deaf person in an area, I usually find that he is happy to introduce me to his other Deaf friends living close by. When we find where they are, we begin to visit every home. Before visiting, it helps to plan a fellowship and prepare a flyer to advertise it. I find that Deaf people are more likely to come to a fellowship and a meal with other Deaf than they are to go to a church meeting.

Also, I locate the social service type groups in the area and offer my help, which can open doors to meet and assist other Deaf people. This is becoming less and less available, depending on your area. I also drive the area and look for “Deaf Child Area” signs. I then go from the one sign to the other knocking on the doors, inviting everyone to church, and asking if a Deaf person lives there. Usually the house where the Deaf person lives is near the sign, but it never hurts to knock on a door! I also try to visit the local Deaf school and take a tour. I mention to leadership that I will volunteer to help wherever I can. I also want to learn their teaching methods so I can better relate to deaf children. These are some ways, but I am sure there are many others. I want to drop as many hooks in the water as possible and learn other ways to find Deaf people.


When you think of the book Ezra, think about the scribe Ezra and his work rebuilding worship after Jerusalem’s temple was rebuilt.swnp-125-4-1a

God did not want the Jewish people to stay in Egyptian slavery during Moses’ time. Neither did he want the Jews of Ezra’s time to stay captive in Assyria and Babylon. After years of Jewish captivity, God spoke to the new world leader, King Cyrus of Persia. God told Cyrus to build a house of worship for him in Jerusalem. Cyrus made a law that freed the Jews. He allowed them to go back to Jerusalem for the purpose of rebuilding the temple of God. Most Jews had become settled after seventy years in the other countries. Many decided to stay abroad, but some went back to rebuild Jerusalem. Their government leader, who went back, was Zerubbabel. Their high priest was Joshua. The returning people were known as the remnant. Ezra was the prophet and scribe who returned after the early group of Jews went back. His work was to lead the people in rebuilding worship of God not just rebuilding the temple.

Think About: “Religion”

Religion (noun) – expression of belief in God; beliefs shown through ritual or worship “Religion” in Ezra Some people think that organized religion is a bad thing. Pure religion, however, is a blessing to God and man. Ezra the scribe went back to Jerusalem to lead the remnant in pure religion. The Jews once again had opportunity to follow God with pure hearts.

Application: God has a place for you to be and a people for you to be a part of. They have what you need and you have what they need. Are you in your place worshipping God? Let your religion bless both God and man.

What is a MOM?

MOM is WOW Upside Down!

Yes, I am learning that a Mom really will do amazing things for her family. As a little girl I remember whenever I would get hurt or sick, I would run to Mom. She always had a special way to comfort and encourage me. One time I was sick with the mumps (sore throat and fever). I stayed in bed for a couple of days to get my rest. I only drank water and ate very little (pudding or jello). When I started feeling better, my Mom asked me what I wanted to eat for dinner since I hadn’t eaten for a few days. I told her that I would like to eat dried beef gravy over toast. Now, you know with just getting over a sore throat, that is not the easiest thing to eat, but I was hungry. I remember my Mom cutting my bread up into very small pieces. WOW! It was delicious! It took me a long time to eat, but I enjoyed every bite!

Now that I am a Mom, I fully understand why my Mom did that, but at the time I did not fully understand the love that went into cutting up that bread. I realize that a Mom will do just about anything for the ones she loves. I truly do enjoy helping our children and seeing them smile. A mother will do what she can to encourage and help her family.

Sometimes now I think that it would be nice to have my Mom come and take care of me for one day (SMILE). So, if I feel that way, I try to help our girls out with their children and their home. Young mothers have many responsibilities, so if I can help to lighten their load, I am happy to do so. “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2).

Really, a mother’s responsibilities are never done until God calls us home to Heaven. Ask God to help you today to be a mom who is influencing her children, her husband, and her grandchildren for good. You will be humbled and amazed at what the Lord can do through your simple acts of kindness to your family and to others.  MOM – WOW!

Taking a Trip

When our children had grown and both gone to college, a friend told me to start planning the next time my husband, Jon, and I would see them. She encouraged me to plan something special. The time was three or four months away, but I started. What would be the exact date? Would we drive by way of Atlanta or Knoxville? How many days would we be able to stay in their area? Would we need a hotel? Could we save enough reward points to get those nights free? What activities could we plan with them? What would the cost be and could we afford it? Would some of the time be with one child or the other, or could we work around both of their schedules to see them at the same time? I spent hours planning. Then the trip came… and all too quickly it was over. I had planned for so long, and we had enjoyed it greatly, but it was done. So, my friend suggested that as soon as we finished one trip, I should begin planning the next one. And I did… and then the next one, and the next one. Some trips were planned in detail. Other times I just planned a little, and let it fall into place when we arrived. But one thing was always true – we looked forward to the time we would see them again and get to spend time together. We still do!

There is another trip coming soon, but I do not have to work out any details. Someone else has done the planning. This trip will not just be for a short visit, but for eternity. The destination is Heaven, and Jesus already paid the price by shedding His blood at Calvary. I accepted that payment many years ago. I do not know all I will do when I get there, but He is preparing it (John 14:2,3). The flight there will be an extremely short one – either the twinkling of an eye (I Corinthians 15:52), or absent here and immediately present there (II Corinthians 5:8). And since I do not know the dates of the trip (only God knows that – Matthew 24:36), I must be ready at all times to go (Matthew 24:44). But this trip is not just for me. He has made the trip available for any person who will accept His one way. Come and go with me!

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