Teaching in a Box

Through the years, I have watched teachers teaching in a box. As they taught, they paid no attention to the deaf. They taught their materials without any regard to the students’ understanding. It was as if they were teaching inside a box, without any contact outside the box. The students learned little or nothing because they did not understand. Give attention to the students while teaching, and react and respond till they understand. Guidelines:

1. Watch the deaf. Sometimes, they will stop you and ask questions. Answer the questions! I saw one teacher teaching about “miracles.” The deaf asked her many times, what “miracles” mean? She ignored them and continued. I finally stopped her and made her answer the question.

2. Watch their faces and eyes. Facial expressions and eye reactions often tell you quickly when they do not understand. If their faces are puzzled, stop and explain more until they understand.

3. Ask questions during and after lessons. Ask “Who first man?” “Who first woman?” Their answers (or lack of answers) will help you know what to explain to them.

4. Use 1,2,3. The best way to review is to use a remember # list system. (#1. God made world. #2. Adam and Eve. #3. Sin. #4 Eden.) This is a proven method and it has greatly increased the understanding level of our students. Example: We write 9 things to review and remember about the lesson. Then we ask, “Remember # 9.” or “What number 7?” The deaf do great. The other day I reviewed the minor prophets with the remember 9 system. They remembered most of it perfectly. Do not teach in a box. Learn to listen to the deaf and respond to their questions and lack of understanding. Help them to “better” understand!

The Deliberate Plan of Christ for Deliberate Discipleship

(Part 3 – EM For download all “Discipleship Articles” – David)

The work of Jesus Christ on earth included training disciples to carry on His work. In fact, it can be argued that the training of the twelve was one of His most important tasks while on earth. What would have happened had Jesus died, been buried, and risen from the grave but not had anyone to witness the resurrection and spread the Good News of the salvation He offered? Who would have preached on the Day of Pentecost had Jesus not trained those 12 disciples? Who would have led the new church in Jerusalem had Jesus not trained those men? In fact, would there even have been a church at all had the continuing work of the disciples not been preceded by three long years of training?

Jesus, the night before His crucifixion, prayed: “I have glorified Thee on the earth: I have finished the work which Thou gavest Me to do” (John 17:4). In this prayer, He spent much time praying for His disciples. Based on the context, it may be argued that “the work which Thou gavest Me to do” could apply to the finished work of training His 12 disciples. The last thing for Christ to do now with His disciples before ascending into Heaven was to give them the Great Commission. “Go ye…preach the Gospel…make disciples…of all nations.” Jesus Christ deliberately discipled these 12 men for three years because the future of His message, His church, and His kingdom depended on dedicated and trained men who would spread that message around the world as He, through them, would build His church and establish His kingdom. The 12 disciples knew what Jesus meant when He said to go make disciples because He had just spent three years making disciples of them! They saw Him do it firsthand. They were the products of long-term discipleship. (There are no shortcuts to Biblical Discipleship if Biblical Disciples are to be expected.)

Yes, Jesus Christ deliberately discipled! His work of training these 12 men was done with a purpose, ON PURPOSE. It was no accident that Jesus chose 12 and focused three years of His life and ministry on them. Yes, three years. Discipleship is a long term process, not a 12-week fill-in-the-blank course. Before He went to the cross and to the cave, Jesus spent three years deliberately discipling future leaders for the expansion of His church and His kingdom. It took Jesus three years to train these men for the work ahead. How much time do you spend preparing men for the work ahead of them? “Go ye and make disciples of them!”
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Meet the Missionaries

swnp-127-4-2Silent Word “Ministry of Helps” Welcomes Jay and Cathy Savelle (East Ridge, Tennessee)

Serving Under the SWM Ministry of Helps Marketplace Evangelism – Personal Soul-winning Team Trips – Short-term Mission Trips Training Churches & Individuals

In 2012, when Jay Savelle helped in a local flea market soul-winning booth, the Lord touched his heart with this special ministry of evangelism. Jay and Cathy have actively, carefully, and thoughtfully led many adults and teenagers to the Lord in state fairs, festivals and farm shows in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. They have also shared the Gospel in Costa Maya, Cozumel, Belize, Honduras, Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos, and in Puerto Rico, resulting in many salvation decisions. Jay is not a preacher or a missionary, but the Savelles work with local pastors and churches to help those whom they lead to Christ get involved in good churches and grow as new Christians. They are also burdened to teach and train churches and individuals how to effectively conduct personal soul-winning locally and in the marketplace. The Savelles are assisting the SWM Marketplace Ministries team and are now raising supplemental support to expand their ministry into more areas. They are members of Stanley Heights Baptist Church, East Ridge, Tennessee. Their pastor, Brent Baughman, has asked them to conduct their first classes. SWM is excited to have this sincere couple serving the Lord with us. The Savelles are worthy of your prayers and support. Contact Jay for more info how your church can schedule Soul-winning Training – Support – Presentation of their unique ministry. To contact Jay, please phone, 423-596-8789.

My Deaf World

“Let’s Pray For Lost Souls”

This year I prayed for “more” Deaf souls to be saved. I prayed for those preaching the Gospel in special meetings this year. I prayed for the many different Deaf Camps. I prayed for SWMI Team to DeafNation World Expo in Las Vegas.

I prayed, waited and watched what would happen as I prayed. My desire was to see Deaf souls saved at these meetings this year.

I prayed for Bill Rice Ranch and Pennsylvania Deaf Camps. I also preached at these camps with Ronnie Rice, Nathan McConnell, Bob Bricker. We preached the Gospel and prayed for results. PTL there were 16 deaf souls (BRR 14 – PA 2) saved at these camps.

I prayed for SWMI team as they traveled to DeafNation World Expo at Las Vegas. Wow! There were 38 on the SWMI Team and Roman Road Team. They witnessed and passed out tracts and videos to many thousands of deaf people from many countries at DeafNation World Expo. Praise the Lord 98 deaf were saved from SWMI team and 45 saved from RRD Team. Many left with good follow-up literature.

I prayed for Harvest Deaf Camp in Tennessee (2 deaf saved); Kentucky Deaf Camp (1 deaf saved); Liberty Deaf Camp in Ohio (16 deaf saved); Deaf Spiritual Leadership Camp in Florida (7 deaf saved). My heart has great joy that 185 deaf were saved. God answers prayers. Praise the Lord!

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Deaf People Can Help Deaf People

Mark 7:32 tells that a deaf man was brought to Jesus. Someone brought this Deaf person to Jesus. Maybe it was a father or mother or a friend. Someone cared for this deaf person. Someone brought him to Jesus. Who can best reach the Deaf? Who can best reach a Spanish person? Another Spanish person. Who can best reach a German person? Another German person. Who can best reach the Deaf? Another Deaf person. The Deaf can reach the Deaf. The Deaf can teach the Deaf. The Deaf can lead other Deaf to Jesus Christ. The Deaf can do it! (SWM has special tracts for Deaf people to give to hearing people, “I Am Deaf But I Want You to Hear This.”) Tracts are free so send for this tract to give hearing people. Give a tract to your friends and family. Many hearing people have been saved because a Deaf person witnessed to them. Deaf can also help the hearing. But the great need is for the Deaf to witness to the Deaf.

The Deaf can best reach the Deaf because we understand them better than the hearing. We are Deaf and we can reach the Deaf. Do not depend upon your pastor or workers but do it yourself. One Deaf man said, “We don’t bother other Deaf. We leave them alone.” If you never bother your Deaf friends, they will never come to church, and they may never be saved. The Deaf can bring Deaf friends to the Lord. Witness to your Deaf friends, pray for them, invite them to church, and show them how to be saved. I am Deaf and I bring people to Jesus. I can witness, and I can be a soul-winner. Deaf people need to be “more” involved in the ministry. You can volunteer to help, and other Deaf people will follow your example. Join with me to change the Deaf world to Christ. Together we can do it! Deaf can do it!

Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously!

As I have traveled, I have noticed that every culture, every language group, and even every “accent group” seems to think they are right and everyone else is strange or wrong. In the south, we say “Y’all;” some in the north say “You-uns,” or “You guys.” Travelling and experience help you realize other people can have different, but good, viewpoints.

Some interpreters take themselves too seriously. It is wise to realize most interpreters know American Sign Language (ASL) as a second language. They will always need to improve their language abilities, change and adapt. They can continually make language mistakes. There is always more to learn.
Ask a language-skilled Deaf person to critique your interpreting or your conversational sign language. Expect the unexpected. One time two Deaf ladies had a list of 15 things for me to improve! Mistakes will happen. Learn to enjoy allowing others to be smarter than you are. Also, realize that if you wait until you can sign perfectly, you will never sign.

Are you really willing to improve your sign language? Be willing to accept signs and language from Deaf people. Remember, it is their language. One book showed regional sign variations for the word birthday. From 25 states, there were 22 different signs. A new signer once told a Deaf person, “You teach me sign language and I will teach you the Bible.”

So, when you feel like you don’t know what you are doing with ASL, don’t take yourself so seriously. Be willing to accept help from others… and smile.

Things I Want To Learn From The Deaf

Please keep an open mind and remember that these are my personal opinions about the Deaf in general, not all Deaf.

I want to learn how to think Deaf. I can still hear the voice of Mrs. Cathy Rice in the first video-tape I watched about learning Sign Language talking about the importance of thinking Deaf. Ever since I first heard her voice on this subject, it has been a goal and a challenge to me to think like a Deaf person thinks. Again, this takes work on my part, and a desire to leave what is natural to me, to think outside my own world. I want to make time to focus on what is best for the Deaf, not always what I would prefer. I want to teach in ways that appeal to the way they think. I want to present Jesus Christ to them in a way that will reach their heart most effectively. In order for these things to happen, I must give time and energy to thinking Deaf.


I want the Deaf to learn that there is a man named Jesus who loved them and gave His life for them. Many Deaf in the world do not know about Jesus. Allen Snare (Deaf) is a great example. He grew up in a “hearing” home. His family was committed to attending church and loving the Lord. He attended church, but without an interpreter. He went to a state Deaf Institute and graduated at age twenty. He returned home. One of his sisters-in-law tried to explain the Gospel by writing it on a paper and asking if he wanted to be saved. He nodded, but did not understand. Later, a neighboring Pastor became burdened for his soul. That Pastor invited Bill Rice III to preach revival meetings. Allen attended and for the first time in his life (at age 20-21), he saw and understood the Gospel through Mary Rice, the interpreter and Bill Rice III. Allen trusted Christ! His first burden was for the Deaf who also know nothing of Jesus. Allen gave his life to preach the Gospel to Deaf all around the world. I also want the Deaf to learn about Jesus.


When you think of the book Esther, think about Queen Esther with her royal crown.


Not all Jewish captives returned to Jerusalem when King Cyrus set them free. Many stayed in the far countries. One young Jewish lady who stayed was Esther. She was earlier named Hadassah. Her father and mother were both dead, and Esther grew up in the home of a relative named Mordecai. Mordecai’s uncle was Esther’s father. Esther lived with Mordecai’s family in Shushan, the palace-town of King Ahasuerus. Counselors of Ahasuerus made all beautiful young ladies come to the king’s palace for a beauty contest. The girl that the king liked most would become his queen. Esther did not tell that she was a Jewish girl. At the end of the contest, King Ahasuerus chose Esther to be his queen. Later, a wicked man named Haman planned to kill all Jews in Ahasuerus’ kingdom. God used Esther to defeat Haman’s plan and to bring deliverance to the Jews.

Think About:”Boldness”
(noun) – state of being ready to face danger

“Boldness” in Esther

Esther was a Jewish girl who lived “away from home” in a far country. Her people had been carried away captive, but God allowed Esther to become the queen of powerful King Ahasuerus. She was able to free her people from a plot of destruction because she realized that she had come to the kingdom “for such a time as this.”


God has boldness for your life “at such a time as this.” What will it be… your strength or his? Trust God boldly… He is able!

Real or Fake?

I’ve heard some say, “I thought she was a Christian?” “What kind of Christian was that?” “I do not want what she has.” These are statements made about some Christians. I want my life to be real and not fake for the Lord. Everyday someone is watching you. When we were with all of our grandchildren, I noticed Gavin (18 mos) would try to follow his brother, Aiden (3 yrs). I noticed Layla (9 mos) would try to copy Gavin. It does not matter how old or young you are, there is always someone watching and following you. Micah 6:8 “He hath shown thee, O man, what is good, and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do (1) justly, and to (2) love mercy, and to (3) walk humbly with thy God?” This touched my heart to have a better relationship with the Lord.

First, we need to do what is just and right! If we want God’s protection, we must do what is just or right! Be honest, work hard, be kind, dependable, and friendly. We should not be lazy, or a gossip, or mean, or not take care of ourselves and our families. We must do what is right everyday and everywhere we may go.

Second, is to love mercy. Sometimes this is very hard to do. To forgive and to be loving is not natural. This is an age of “selfie” and “me.” When we look at a picture, who are the first people we look for? Right … Ourselves! We can make excuses for our wrongs and justify them, but is that real forgiveness? No! As Jesus died He said, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” Jesus showed us how to have mercy and forgive! He went through false judgement, and whipping, He was spat upon. His beard was pulled out. A crown of thorns was placed on His head, and his hands and feet were nailed. Still, the first words He said were, “Father, forgive them.” We must also learn to forgive and show mercy so people will see real Christians.

Third, is to walk humbly with the Lord. The Christian life is a daily walk, not a run. Everyday we have choices – get up out of bed or stay there, be grumpy or grateful, read our Bibles and pray, or look at Facebook and emails. My daily walk is my relationship with my Lord. I enjoy walking and talking with Him.

Closing: So you and I need to follow these three things to have a good relationship with Him. I remember the first time I met Jim, my husband. I wanted to be near him, talk to him, share time with him. So it should be the same with my Saviour who gave His all for me! I must walk with Him, and He will talk with me and show me things I need to know. I want the world to see a real Christian, not a fake. I need to daily choose to follow Him. If you have made some wrong decisions in the past, leave them. Today is a new beginning! Choose to be Real, not a Fake.

True or False?

Do you remember tests in school? Sometimes the tests had different types of questions – multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blanks, matching, or essays. What was your favorite? Some prefer true or false because even if they don’t know the answer, they have a 50/50 chance of getting it right. But these questions can be tricky, because every word is important. Everything in the statement may be true except for one little word. That word changes the meaning. For example: If I said, “All colleges in the United States accept American Sign Language as a foreign language,” it would be false. Some colleges do, but not all colleges. Even one wrong word can make a true sentence become false. There are many things that can be almost all good, but just a little bad. This makes them completely bad! For example: Roach spray is 99.965% good ingredients and only 0.035% poison. That is a very small percentage of poison, but it makes the whole spray poisonous enough to kill a roach – THANKFULLY!

The Bible tells us that Satan is a liar, and the father of it (John 8:44). He is very skilled at taking something that is mostly true and adding a little false to it to trick people into believing lies. He says salvation is by believing and receiving Jesus (John 1:12) plus some type of good works (false). He admits that God created everything in 6 days (Genesis 1), but he changes those days from 24 hours to very long periods of time (false). He takes the truth that “God is love,” (I John 4:8) and adds that God would never let anyone go to Hell (false). Many people believe these lies because they are based on truth, but the error added makes the statement false! This describes much of the world’s thinking today.

When a worker in a bank is learning to identify counterfeit (fake) money, she studies real money. She learns what it looks like, how it feels, the picture, the color, the small print, etc. Knowing the true money will help her catch the false money. So, how can a person know if a teaching or a belief is true or false? He must study The Truth. Jesus said, “Thy (God’s) Word is truth” (John 17:17).

Study the Bible. Don’t be tricked by Satan’s lies!

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